Norelle Iyer, LMT, CCT

Hello, thank you for visiting.  Allow me to take you on my journey that led me to this career.  In 2009 I became very interested in health and wellness, I joined a CrossFit gym that was owned by a Chiropractor.  While training I also started Chiropractic care.  I sought out care because as a child I was in multiple car accidents that as an adult I was still dealing with symptoms on a daily basis.  I would get headaches, migraines and limb numbness and tingling.

While under care I learned I had Lumbar Scoliosis.  CrossFit was great in complementing the Chiropractic care because it strengthened my back. Although even with Chiropractic and CrossFit I was still having symptoms such as headaches and limb numbness and tingling. So I sought out treatment from the clinics massage therapist.  My symptoms diminished greatly, making my interests grow stronger in the search for health and wellness.

I then became a CrossFit level 1 trainer.  I coached on a military base in South Korea for a year and a half while also attending to school online at IIN (Institute of Integrated Nutrition.)  Once I graduated as a Health Coach from IIN, I combined the two backgrounds to provide a well-rounded plan for holistic wellness for my athletes and clients.  Life then took some turns and landed me back in the U.S. where I continued my health and wellness journey.

I then moved to Tacoma, Washington and went to school at Cortiva Institute for Massage.  Within the first week of school I knew I had found my passion. While in school I mentored under some amazing LMPs.  One of my mentors was also a Contemporary Cupping Therapist (CCT.)  While mentoring with her I got to learn how to use the cups and also received my first cupping treatment.  From just the one treatment my symptoms decreased tremendously and I knew at that moment once massage school was over I would obtain my certification in Cupping Therapy.

One week after graduation I was in my Cupping Certification class with the ICTA (International Cupping Therapy Association).  I also had the privilege to be an assistant instructor for an ICTA class.  In my home practice as well as the Chiropractic clinic I worked, my clients saw great results from the combined treatments of massage and cupping therapy.  My passion is to help promote healing and wellness in others and I have found massage and cupping therapy are the best avenues for my passion.  I look forward to bringing quality care and therapeutic bodywork to those in need.

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