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Massage and Treatment work 
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1 hour- $70       90 mins- $100                 2 hours- $150


Re-bookings Receive $10 Off

(Must be within 3 weeks of last session, not available for travel sessions)

Refer a Friend $5 Off   

(May combine)

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Military $10 Off

(Active Duty/Reserves/Retired Can not be combined, not available for travel sessions)




Massage Packages

(must be paid in full at the time of purchase not valid for out call session)

1 hour: 6 Sessions- $350 ($70 in savings)

90 min: 6 Sessions- $510 ($90 in savings)

2 hour: 6 Sessions- $800 ($100 in savings)

Out call Massage: $20 House call fee to the prices above, and a $15 travel fee is added if you are located more than 10 miles from the practice.

Group Out Call Massage: 3-6 people 60 min Sessions only one House call fee of $20 and $15 is added if you are located out more than 10 miles from the practice.  Great for events such as ladies nights in.

Cupping Treatment  

Add Ons in combination with massage.

Massage Cupping–   The cups are constantly moving (discolorations are less likely) and the tissue is quickly warmed up and can help break up adhesion’s and tension much quicker than traditional massage.

Sinus Cupping–   Great for those with allergies or other sinus issues.  More severe or chronic conditions need cumulative treatments.

Sports Cupping–   Therapy for athletic injuries, chronic joint pain and great to facilitate recovery.

IT Band Release–   Great for athletes and avid runners. This works way better than a foam roller and much better for your tissue.

Lower leg (Calf and Achilles tendon release)-   Athletes and runners alike love this.  This is also great for restoring any injuries to the area such as a torn Achilles tendon.

Sciatica Treatment–   For those with sciatic pain.

Biomagnetic Energy Treatments–  Great for detoxification, strengthens the immune system, promotes smooth circulation of blood and cell activities.

Cupping Therapy Packages

  •  These packages may be combined with massage as an add on but with one treatment results are not likely, it is  recommended for best results to have a minimum of 6-12 treatments at least 1 a week (up to 3 a week).

Abdominal Cupping: 6 Sessions $180 12 Sessions $330 (savings of $30)

Cellulite Cupping: 6 Sessions $210    12 Sessions $380 (savings of $40)

Facial Rejuvenation: 6 Sessions $270    12 Sessions $490 (savings of $50)