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Heather– “Norelle is a fantastic massage therapist! She is extremely attentive and works with you to ensure each treatment is personalized to your needs.”

Emma- “Norelle told me about cupping therapy for your stomach because I have a gastrointestinal disease called Hirschbrungs that I have had my entire life. Because of the surgeries I have had and the disease itself I am constantly constipated. So I came in and tried it and was amazed at how well it worked. After the first treatment I didn’t really notice anything except for a noisy belly. I than did another treatment at the end of the same week and noticed a big change in my bowel movements and my overall comfort. I have been doing the treatments twice a week for a few weeks now and everything is moving like it should. I am extremely happy Norelle told me about cupping and that she is AMAZING at it.”

Stevie- “I’ve gone to several massage therapists over the years, and Norelle is hands down the BEST! Love that she pays so much attention to my aches and injuries. You won’t be disappointed with Norelle!!”

Keri- “Tonight was only my 2nd session with Norelle…hands down the most caring therapist I’ve ever had and the cupping technique is pretty awesome too!!”

Tallen- “This is an awesome massage. I have never had someone hit all of the problem areas and some I didn’t know about. She worked out all of the issues and I feel amazing.”

Kember with Fleet Feet Running- “Full of knowledge and passionate about her work. She connected with my company which primarily works with runners and walkers. Not only was she professional and great with our customer’s but she was really helping them understand their injury and recovery. I’d highly recommend Norelle for businesses, one on ones, anything! She’s amazing!”

Christy- “Norelle is absolutely amazing. Between having children and doing crossfit regularly and not working my ROM as I should I end up with some significant muscle issues. She is truly the best I’ve ever been to for deep tissue massage. I absolutely recommend cupping also. It speeds up healing so much. Cannot say enough good words about her. Also I am an RN and she definitely knows the science and what she is doing!”

Darcy- “Absolutely loved my experience with Norelle! I highly recommend her.”

Joanne- “Norelle is pretty awesome…she has helped me to feel good…i highly          recommend her…:-)”

Megan- “I have had a problem shoulder area for quite some time now. I started massage and cupping with Norelle and I am truly amazed by the mobility I have re-gained after only 4 sessions. The pain has also dulled immensely. Norelle is full of knowledge, answers all questions so you completely understand what your getting done, why it’s done that way, and what you can do on your own to help. She truly enjoys helping people and getting to the root of the problem. I am so happy I found her and look forward to complete pain-free mobility in my left shoulder very soon with her help!!”

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